Current members

  • Dr. FANG Yuan, Faculty member, since 07.2018

  • Dr. LIU Zemin, Research scientist, since 04.2019

  • WEN Zhihao, PhD candidate, since 08.2019

  • NGUYEN Trung Kien, Research engineer, since 06.2020

  • LIU Zhongzhou, PhD student, since 08.2020

  • LIU Ran, PhD student, since 01.2021


  • XIAO Tong, Visiting student, 07.2018--10.2018, now MS student, Carnegie Mellon University

  • JI Yugang, Visiting student, 07.2018--05.2019, now PhD student, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • SHI Jiaqi, Research engineer, 11.2018--07.2019, now PhD student, University of California Irvine

  • HU Binbin, Visiting student, 11.2018--02.2019, now R&D staff, Ant Financial

  • LIU Chenghao, Research scientist, 01.2019--05.2020, now R&D staff, Salesforce Research Asia

  • CHEN Xuexin, Visiting student, 07.2019--10.2019, now PhD student, Guangdong University of Technology

  • ZHANG Wentao, Visiting student, 08.2019--04.2020, now MS student, University of Science and Technology China

  • LU Yuanfu, Visiting student, 11.2019--04.2020, now R&D staff, Tencent