We are looking for PhD students and Research Engineers in the following areas:
  • Machine learning including meta-learning, few-shot learning and their applications;
  • Exploiting knowledge graphs in data mining such as recommendation systems;
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery on graph data.
A PhD student will receive a full scholarship package that covers the tuition and living expenses. A strong candidate is expected to have:
  • Excellent academic standing in computer science or related fields from a reputable university;
  • Past research experience in a related field, having either published a paper or worked in a research team;
  • Strong implementation skills, such as familiarity with PyTorch or TensorFlow;
  • Sound maths and stats foundations;
  • Intellectual curiosity in exploring the unknown. 
A Research Engineer is a full-time research staff who is paid a competitive monthly salary and annual bonus. A strong candidate often possesses the same characteristics of a PhD applicant as listed above, with an emphasis on the implementation skills but may be lacking in some other aspects (e.g., limited research experience). Essentially, a Research Engineer will be mainly involved in the implementation of research prototypes, which simultaneously prepares one for a future research career, typically over the duration of one year. After the one-year period, a Research Engineer is better prepared to apply to a PhD programme.    

Interested applicants: Please drop me an email (yfang 'at' smu 'dot' edu 'dot' sg) with your CV and other supporting materials. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.